Minimalist Family Camping:
How to replace screen time with wild time

Gathering all Minimalist Family Camping's best advice and ideas on how to have more fun by packing less, we hope this tiny but mighty publication can help you get your kids (and yourself!) off tech and into nature quickly and easily. By inspiring families across the globe to downsize their camping kit, buy less, pack light, and prep once, together we can start a revolution in the way we spend our time.


Be brave, be bold and be ready for unlimited adventures! 

Are you exhausted by the thought of camping with kids? Has your gear got the better of you? Would you rather stay home than face the packing frenzy for a short family camping trip?


If you would like to get your children off tech and out into nature more often, if you are daunted by taking babies or toddlers camping or if you have never camped before and are wondering what you really need, this book is for you.


If you are an overwhelmed over-packer, sick of the stress of car tetris and stuck at home with cupboards of barely-used camping kit, this book will help you find a lighter, easier way to camp.


With simple advice on what to pack and how to pack it, minimalist camping hacks and inspiration, this book shows how getting your family outdoors can be relaxed and stress-free. In no time at all you’ll be up and away on wild overnight adventures with your own easy grab’n’go camping kit. Life is about to get beautifully easy.


So leave the lanterns, chuck out the chairs, kiss goodbye to the gadgets and let’s go Mini Camping.



• How to keep warm at night in a tent without endless duvets and bedding

• How to fit your family camping kit easily into your car without a roofbox or trailer

• How to choose the perfect simple family tent

• How to feed hangry toddlers a hot meal in a field in only 5 minutes

• Top tips for happy camping with children

• How to re-wild your children

• How to pack: The 3 Box System

• Simple steps to downsize, pack small and pack once for the whole season

• Camping journal to record your amazing new adventures

• How to save the planet from endless camping kit landfill

• How to transform your family travel forever


Available as an ebook or beautiful paperback.