Easy family camping meals in 5 minutes

July 2, 2017

Feeding a family from a field can be challenging, particularly if you have very young children with you. A hungry toddler crying for food just can’t wait for the bbq coals to heat up, and you may wish for an instant meal to stop the tears and get your tiny buddy from hangry to happy again. This is a stress-free way to cook a family camping meal with minimum fuss and just three ingredients in one pot.




Keeping your eye on roving toddlers in an open space while you’re trying to prepare food for them is also pretty tricky, particularly if you are the only adult, and not to mention keeping them away from the dangers of a hot stove. We have had many times when a 2-hour leisurely barbeque just isn’t going to work for us, so here are some super-quick easy meals which can be cooked in one pan on a single ring stove in just 5 minutes.


Just choose 3 quick-cook ingredients (one protein, 1 carb and 1 veg).
Kids can be notoriously fussy eaters so go for something you know they like.




Rice (Easy cook 2-minute sachets)

Fresh pasta


Hot dog rolls




Bacon (lardons)

Frankfurter sausages



Tuna (tinned)




Mange tout

Baby corn

Sugar snap peas


Stir-fry veg packet



Tinned sweetcorn


Some of the combos which have gone down well with my children are:


Bacon, rice and mange tout

Fresh pasta with chopped frankfurters, broccoli and pasta sauce

Gnocchi with tuna and sweetcorn

Prawn stir fry

Scrambled egg croissants

Egg-fried rice

Frankfurter hot dogs with mushrooms (easiest ever and my children love them! … I must admit, so do I)



Kids of all ages love to get involved with cooking and if the meal is simple to prepare and quick to cook its much easier to supervise them.

Make sure your stove is positioned somewhere stable and that any gas cannisters are turned off immediately after cooking.





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