5 tips for minimalist camping with kids

Lets get our kids outside on short camping adventures more often and more easily. Less gear will be smaller to store and quicker to pack and so much easier than you think.

1. Be brave!

Your friends may think you’re crazy leaving the glamping equipment at home but you’ll be pitched and unpacked with wine in hand before they have found their mallet. Plus you’ll be so much more relaxed when you arrive. Be brave, be bold, be free!

2. Halve the equipment list and pack light for camping

I have been through my mega camping spreadsheet (yes, there was really that much I needed a spread sheet!), shaving off everything I could. I have dumped the coolbox and the candles, packed just one saucepan, removed the spare gas cannisters, removed (to my husband’s dismay) the folding chairs. (I have realised I spent my entire camping experience just sat in a chair in a field). No spare bedding (just 4 sleeping bags). The pile of approved items has been waiting in the hall and I am considering how to shrink it further and further.

3. Down-size your upgrades

Start with the biggest bits of kit first… could you downsize your tent, chairs, beds etc.? Smaller kit will be easier to store, quicker to pitch and take up less precious boot space.

4. Keep taking steps to reduce kit each time you camp

Try a night without something and see how it goes. I’m going chair-free this weekend (much to the amusement of my maxi-camping friends). This is obviously not much of a big deal to a genuine minimalist camper but its a first step for me.

5. Pack some Mini Treats

Minimalist family camping isn’t about going without all the good stuff, there are plenty of tiny treats you can tuck in your bag to add a touch of luxury and magic to your overnight adventure. Get some inspiration here.

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