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Hello, I'm Briony, a mother to two young children on a mission to get my family outdoors more often and more easily. Join me on my journey from overpacked estate car to grab-’n-go easy camping kit. So leave the lanterns, chuck out the chairs, kiss goodbye to the gadgets and let's go Mini Camping.



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Are you exhausted by the thought of camping with kids?

Has your gear got the better of you? Would you rather stay home
than face the packing frenzy for a short family camping trip?

Your journey from over-packed estate car to grab-’n'-go easy camping kit starts here. Let's get our children outdoors more often and more easily. So leave the lanterns, chuck out the chairs, kiss goodbye to the gadgets and lets go Mini Camping.

We have arrived! Enjoying the absolute p
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By buying less, packing light, downsizing equipment, choosing compact camping gear and following some minimalist hacks, the process of getting kids outdoors on wild overnight adventures can be simple and stress-free, and with less impact on the environment.


With just a small car and little expense or planning, minimalist family camping is so quick and easy your family really can swap screen time for wild time.

​We have big news from our little tent!

Gathering all Minimalist Family Camping's best advice and ideas on how to have more fun by packing less, we hope this tiny but mighty publication can help you get your kids (and yourself!) off tech and into nature quickly and easily.


By inspiring families across the globe to downsize their camping kit, buy less, pack light, and prep once, together we can start a revolution in the way we spend our time AND save the planet.

What will this book do for me?
This book will show you how to create your own minimalist car camping kit, and teaches overwhelmed over-packers a new, light and stress-free way of camping. It explains the equipment you need (and what you really don’t) to meet your family’s basic needs on overnight outdoor trips – shelter, warmth, comfort, food, joy – and shows how to pack it.

Be brave, be bold and be ready for unlimited adventures! 

Paperback and ebook available now from Amazon

Minimalist Family Camping
How to replace screen time
with wild time

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