Are you exhausted by the thought of camping with kids?

Has your gear got the better of you? Would you rather stay home
than face the packing frenzy for a short family camping trip?

Your journey from over-packed estate car to grab-’n'-go easy camping kit starts here. Let's get our children outdoors more often and more easily. So leave the lanterns, chuck out the chairs, kiss goodbye to the gadgets and lets go Mini Camping.

We have arrived! Enjoying the absolute p
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By buying less, packing light, downsizing equipment, choosing compact camping gear and following some minimalist hacks, the process of getting kids outdoors on wild overnight adventures can be simple and stress-free, and with less impact on the environment.


With just a small car and little expense or planning, minimalist family camping is so quick and easy your family really can swap screen time for wild time.


Hoping you are all safe and well at this is strange and difficult time. This summer we are all likely to be holidaying in our home countries instead of travelling abroad, so lets take this time at home to think about new places to visit, research some cool campsites and plan some socially distant adventures.

If you are spending exra time at home, why not dig out your camping kit, dust it off and get organised. Use the Minimalist Family Camping kit list to help you, available by subscribing at the bottom of this page.

Good luck, we can DO this!


Looking forward to new adventures under the stars...


Briony xxx

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